Four Hydronic Specialty Products for More Efficient Heating & Cooling

American Wheatley is consistently recognized for exceptional hydronic specialty products.

Today’s businesses depend on high-quality and reliable heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems tailored to their specific needs. For instance, if you desire greater energy efficiency or work with high-heat industrial processes, you may need something more powerful than the conventional forced air system.  

A hydronic system, also known as a hydronic heating system, is a method of heating or cooling a building using water as the medium to transfer thermal energy. In a hydronic system, hot water or chilled water is circulated through a network of pipes, radiators, baseboard heaters, or other heat exchange devices to distribute heat or cool air throughout space. 

As long-standing experts in the HVAC industry, American Wheatley is consistently recognized for our exceptional hydronic specialty products. Discover four of our innovations that have gained acclaim in the field.

Air Separators:

Air separators play a crucial role in hydronic systems by removing air and other gases, which can cause operational issues and decrease system efficiency. 
American Wheatley’s air separators eliminate air from the system, ensuring optimal heat transfer and preventing air-related problems. These separators feature robust construction, innovative design, and efficient air removal capabilities. Hydronic systems can operate smoothly by utilizing American Wheatley’s air separators, enhancing overall performance and reducing maintenance requirements.  

Expansion Tanks:

Expansion tanks are critical components of hydronic systems designed to accommodate the expansion and contraction of water as it heats and cools.  
American Wheatley offers a range of expansion tanks that ensure system efficiency and longevity. These tanks are constructed with durable materials, such as carbon steel or stainless steel, and come in various sizes to suit different system capacities. American Wheatley’s expansion tanks are known for their exceptional performance, reliability, and easy maintenance, making them a preferred choice for hydronic applications.  

Hydronic Specialties:

Hydronic systems offer an array of benefits—but they can be complicated to install and/or service if you are not working with the right products.  
American Wheatley provides an array of other hydronic specialties to solve for specific challenges your commercial property might face. These include air vents, magnetic dirt separators, boiler feed systems, and heat exchangers. Each specialty product is designed to focus on quality, functionality, and ease of use. American Wheatley’s hydronic specialties contribute to hydronic systems’ overall efficiency, performance, and longevity, ensuring reliable operation and customer satisfaction.  

Triple-Duty Valves:

Triple-duty valves combine the functionalities of a check valve, balancing valve, and shut-off valve in a single unit. These valves streamline installation, reduce space requirements, and simplify system maintenance.  
American Wheatley offers a range of precision-engineered triple-duty valves for hydronic systems, and these valves enable efficient flow control, provide reliable shut-off capabilities, and promote hydraulic balance within the system. 

By choosing American Wheatley’s products, HVAC professionals and system designers can rely on top-notch performance, durability, and ease of installation.

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