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HVAC Check Valves

American Wheatley HVAC Check Valves are engineered for silent operation and even little head loss. The Wafer Style Non-Slam Check Valve will automatically prevent your system from experiencing a back-flow, when your...

Finding the Best Air Separator for Your HVAC System

Having an air separator in your HVAC system greatly affects the system's overall performance, especially in a chilled-water system. While air elimination is important in any ventilation setting, it is more important...

What is a Heat Exchanger?

American Wheatley HVAC offers a full range of Shell & Tube and Plate & Frame heat exchangers available in sizes 4″ through 30″, manufactured in accordance with ASME Section VIII. We also...

What is a BDT ‘Multi-Purpose’ Bladder Expansion Tank?

American Wheatley HVAC BDT Multi-Purpose Bladder Expansion tanks are pre-charged bladder expansion tanks constructed to the latest ASME standards. They are designed for the storage of potable water for pressure boost systems,...

Glycol Pumping System Pricing

Due to raw material price increases and ever changing tariffs, we are forced to raise the price of the SGL and DGL glycol pumping systems. The new prices are effective October, 15, 2018.

Flash Tank Pricing

Flash Tank Pricing is now available on the American Wheatley Flash Tank page.