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American Wheatley HVAC offers a full range of Shell & Tube and Plate & Frame heat exchangers available in sizes 4″ through 30″, manufactured in accordance with ASME Section VIII. We also offer a complete line of Plate & Frame Heat Exchangers. Whether you’re heating or cooling, these heat exchangers are dependable and powerful with or without fluid separation, American Wheatley HVAC has what you need to complete your projects.

What is a Heat Exchanger?

A heat exchanger is a device that transfers thermal heat from one medium to another. Often this device is manufactured into numerous types of Heat Exchangers such as Shell & Tube and Plate & Frame. All exchangers are an important part of assisting in cooling and heating of homes and business, but also help in machines work more efficiently.

What types of Heat Exchangers are available?

American Wheatley HVAC offers a full range of Shell & Tube and Plate & Frame heat exchangers which affords higher efficiencies, lower fouling, and modular construction that can easily be field modified. The high turbulence of a plate heat exchanger reduces fouling risks while increasing performance. An optimized PHE will be ½ the size (or less) than an equivalent shell & tube while reaching approach temperatures as low as 2°F.  American Wheatley’s shell & tube exchangers range from size 4″ through 30″.

Shell and Tube


Heat Exchanger

Shell &Tube Heat Exchangers consist of a large number of small tubes which are located within a cylindrical shell. These tubes are positioned into cylinders using a tube bundle that is often referred to as “tube sticks” which can either have fixed tube plates or a floating tube stack which allows the tube bundle to expand and contract with varying heat conditions.

Standard Features

  • Constructed in accordance with ASME Section VIII
  • U-Tube construction
  • High degree of flexibility in materials to meet varying conditions
  • Available in 2. 4, or 6 pass construction
  • All fabrication done in-house
  • National board registration

Optional Features

  • Additional materials for heads, tubesheets, baffles, and tie rods
  • CRN registration
  • Optional saddles
  • Computerized selections available through authorized HVAC representatives

Plate and Frame


Plate Heat Exchanger

Plate Heat Exchangers are operated similarly to Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers, though plates are used instead of tubes. These plates are usually blazed or gasketed depending on the application and fluids being used. This more compact and stainless steel option makes them ideal for use in refrigerants or in food and beverage processing. 


  • Port diameter sizes from 1″ to 20″
  • Up to 20,000 GPM (4,450 m³/hr)
  • Maximum pressure rating of 450 psi
  • Maximum temperature rating of 374°F (190°C)


  • Modular frame design allows for easy plate pack modification if the working medium or thermal requirements change.
  • Optimized plate corrugation ensures even flow distribution across the entire plate surface.
  • Tool-less and adhesive-free gaskets for quick maintenance.
  • Self-aligning plate pack geometry virtually eliminates plate pack problems even after repeated service.

How Do You Install a Heat Exchanger?

As with any installation, be sure to allow sufficient clearance at the end of the unit for removal or tub bundle. Install the unit so that the pipe connections can be made without forcing them to fit into place. Next, appropriately install the valves and by-passes to permit both the shell & tube bundle to be shut off for inspection, repairs, and cleaning. Finally, the tubing must be full of water before introducing steam or hot water into the shell, otherwise flashing or noise may occur. 

Prior to start-up, all nuts should be checked to prevent leaks and blown gaskets. Open the cold side first, then gradually start the hot side, bringing unity to the operating conditions. Always remember to use caution when starting up the heat exchanger and to slowly start up the device to avoid temperature shock to the device.

Need Further Information?

We, at American Wheatley, offer a wide range of options for Heat Exchangers for various usages. Don’t hesitate to contact us for any questions you may have as we are happy to help find the right solution for you!

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